Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung....and we have sprung into multiplication!  Our students are working hard on their multiplication of one-digit by two digit and two-digit by two-digit numbers  and two-digit by three-digit numbers without the use of a calculator!  Try these:

         35                    76                    785
     x   5                 x  25                   x 52

Don't forget to follow our class instructions when doing these.   We need LOTS of practice to get it smooth.  Hint:  If you practice your times-tables the job gets a lot easier! There will be a $2 prize for the classroom store for anyone who can do three of MY questions in a row without assistance next PRACTICE!!!

Students are also working on their rough-drafts of their final report writing project.  They have all picked a topic and have had three weeks to complete the it is on to the actual writing event!

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