Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Friday!

Students are working on two projects for Health (Grade 5 & Grade 6) and one in Social Studies (Grade 5 only)

Health Project - Students are creating a brochure about the harmful effects of alcohol (grade 5 or 6) or tobacco, marijuana or another drug (grade 6).  The brochure has three parts:

1) Harmful effects of the substance (This is the largest section)
2) Strategies for avoiding exposure to unwanted substances, situations and peer pressure
3) A section on where to seek more information and help (Trusted adults, police, kids help phone, websites etc.)

Social Studies Project - Grade 5's are creating their own magazine about First Nations Before European contact.  They will include:

1) Map of early North American migration,(done)
2) A short explanation of Scientific Origin Theories,
3) From the Editor page
4) Letter to the Editor
5) Creation Stories
6) Map of First Nations Language Groups
7) Map of First Nations Traditional Ways of Life
8) Comparison of Traditional Ways of Life
9) Social Structures
10) Environmental Interactions
11) Lifestyles (Food, clothing, housing etc.)
12) Trade
13) Case study of one specific First Nations group
14) Extras!......Cartoons, advertisements, puzzles, how to section, stories from First Nations.

We will be working extensively on this for the next few weeks and I encourage the students to check out both the Social Studies page on this blog and also the Health page on the blog to use the links for further learning!

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